Ez GunsSling® Pro (Buy 1, Get 2nd 25% OFF)

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EZ GunsSling™ Pro is the ultimate universal non swivel gun sling.  Designed specifically for firearms without swivels, the sling can be mounted on shotguns, rifles, black powder guns, Airsoft guns, and your favorite old guns.


  • Quick release military grade buckles with a chest buckle for easy release from carrying on back
  • Stock end is adjustable, designed to mount for both right and left handed shooters, front or back carry.
  • Attaches securely to your stock and barrel and is fully adjustable
  • New bottom buckle added
    • Leave stock attachment in position your way on your stock butt & release that buckle
    • Loosen barrel loop and  remove the whole sling /leaving stock attachment ready to use again
    • Comes with hook & loop to keep stock  buckle in place when not in use/ if preferred
  • No swivels, screws or additional hardware needed
  • Webbing is heavy duty and mildew resistant
  • Barrel loop strap plastic lock for tightening and safety/tighten barrel loop & push up plastic lock to loop
  • Shoulder Pad
    • Non-slip double action 14″ shoulder pad made with neoprene material for gripping
    • Grips your shoulder as well as the strap
    • Adjusts and is removable
  • Barrel end easily tightens with pressure and can be threaded through or over a barrel, including ribbed barrels
  • Why have your weapon always sliding off your shoulder?  Quick attach/detach of sling to secure your weapon on your back and keep your hands free to carry your game.
  • Maximum length adjustment is 59″

Warning: Always have a hand on your weapon when releasing the quick release buckles.  Never try holding or shaking you gun by the sling and barrel loop (only)as showing, for demo purposes only!

Available: Only online

Note: Gun not included.